Busiest container ports in Europe
Busiest container ports in Europe


There have many sea port in Europe. Some port is major and some of is minor. In this post I am trying to show the list of top biggest & busiest container ports in European country.

Rank & Name of Port                                City                                   Country

1 Port of Rotterdam                                Rotterdam                        Netherlands
2 Port of Antwerp                                    Antwerp                            Belgium
3 Port of Hamburg                                 Hamburg                          Germany
4 Port of Bremen-
Bremerhaven                                           Bremerhaven                 Germany
5 Port of Valencia                                    Valencia                            Spain
6 Port of Algeciras                                   Algeciras                           Spain
7 Port of Felixstowe                                Felixstowe                          United Kingdom
8 Port of Piraeus                                      Piraeus                              Greece
9 Port of Ambarli                                     Istanbul                            Turkey
10 Port of Gioia Tauro                           Gioia Tauro                       Italy
11 Port of Le Havre                                 Le Havre                           France
12 Port of Genoa                                      Genoa                                Italy
13 Port of Southampton                        Southampton                  United Kingdom
14 Port of Barcelona                               Barcelona                        Spain
15 Port of La Spezia                                La Spezia                          Italy
16 Port of Mersin                                     Mersin                               Turkey
17 Port of Sines                                         Sines                                  Portugal
18 Port of Marseille-Fos                         Marseille                           France
19 Port of London                                    London                             United Kingdom
20 Port of Gdansk                                    Gdansk                             Poland


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