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Yarn Supplier

Spinning Mills
Spinning Mills

List of Spinning Mills in Bangladesh:

Spinning is the twisting together of drawn out strands of fibers to form yarn, and is a major part of the textile industry. The yarn is then used to create textiles, which are then used to make clothing and many other products. There are several industrial processes available to spin yarn, as well as hand spinning techniques where the fiber is drawn out, twisted, and wound onto a bobbin. Bangladesh has many Spinning Mills in all over the country. Most of the factories are located in Dhaka, Gazipur, Tongi, Ashulia, Savar, Mirpur, Narayanganj, Mymensingh, Narsingdi and Some factories are spread all over the country. As a Garments & Textile Expert I could collect the following valuable information from my reaches. I hope this information will help you for raising your business.

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